Chess training courses for chess teachers is concluded.


Thus, chess training courses for chess teachers conducted by the Chess Academy of Armenia and the "Chess Research Institute" is concluded.

The courses were conducted in three ways: full time, hybrid and online.
This time, in addition to psycho-pedagogical and chess questions, a lesson plan was also added to the exam questionnaires.
 430 teachers from all over Republic of Armenia participated in the trainings.

In the near future we are planning:

• another training group (at the end of August) for those teachers who could not participate in the June-July trainings for valid reasons, and for those who know chess, have a higher education, and want to get a teaching license,
• training for Artsakh teachers (August 23-26), which will be held in Stepanakert,
• mandatory certification of teachers "chess" teaching. (end of August).


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